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Cornell Chronicle:
Prof. Elaine Petro earns Air Force award to research next-gen spacecraft propellants

Prof. Petro selected along with 58 researchers nationally to receive this prestigious and highly competitive award.


Doctoral student Rafid Bendimerad has been selected to receive 2022 Africa Fund Fellowships.

Rafid Bendimerad interviewed on his research work, the implications of being awarded the 2022 Africa Fund Fellowship, and his extracurricular interests.

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The Academic Minute:
Is there Life Out There and How Would We Know?

Prof. Elaine Petro interviewed on whether we are getting closer to find out if there is life in space. 

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Designing soft-ionization techniques to detect life in the solar system

Jordan Sandell interviewed on her research work with Prof. Elaine Petro at ASTRALab and on her overall experience at Cornell as an undergraduate student.


Cornell Chronicle:
Students’ SmallSat mission explores earliest universe

A feature on Cornell's newest spacecraft design program: the Cornell SmallSat Mission Design School (SMDS) which launched in Summer 2021.


MIT Technology Review:
Blue Origin takes its first passengers to space

Prof. Elaine Petro interviewed on commercial space travel and space tourism in 2021 and beyond.


Cornell Chronicle:
Propelling Future Space Exploration 

An overview of the work under way in ASTRAlab, one of Cornell's newest space technology labs.


Cornell Chronicle: 

Cosmos unveils space-tech business, science opportunities

Prof. Petro and ASTRAlab participate in Cornell's first Space Tech Industry Day.


Sibley School Spotlight:

Welcome to MAE

Prof. Elaine Petro joins the faculty of the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in July 2020.

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