Cornell Chronicle:
Students’ SmallSat mission explores earliest universe

A feature on Cornell's newest spacecraft design program: the Cornell SmallSat Mission Design School (SMDS) which launched in Summer 2021.

MIT Technology Review:
Blue Origin takes its first passengers to space

Prof. Elaine Petro interviewed on commercial space travel and space tourism in 2021 and beyond.

Cornell Chronicle:
Propelling Future Space Exploration 

An overview of the work under way in ASTRAlab, one of Cornell's newest space technology labs.

Cornell Chronicle: 

Cosmos unveils space-tech business, science opportunities

Prof. Petro and ASTRAlab participate in Cornell's first Space Tech Industry Day.

Sibley School Spotlight:

Welcome to MAE

Prof. Elaine Petro joins the faculty of the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in July 2020.